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We’re All About That Pipe & Base!

July 28th, 2015
Wizard of Oz 3B Backdrop - 20X10

Wizard of Oz 3B Backdrop – 20′ X 10′

We always get asked, “What do you use to hang a backdrop? How difficult is it? How long does it take?”. This post is to solve just that! Being in the theatrical backdrop business, we are all about that pipe & base! Depending on the size of the backdrop, our needs in terms of hardware adjust slightly. Our backdrops have either grommets, ties, or a combination of both along the top and the side of the backdrop. We recommend using plastic zip ties with the grommets as they tend to provide a tighter grip on a variety of different types of hardware. At the top, the grommets are 20 inches apart and, along the sides, they are 30 inches apart. The backdrops also have a pole pocket along the bottom, which can be used this to weigh down the backdrop to create a seamless look without creases. Additionally, the grommets on the bottom corners allow for pulling the backdrop tight to further reduce creases. We recommend that you use counterweight (pipe & base) system or any smooth horizontal beam. For a 40′ x 20′ backdrop, it’s necessary to have 4 cross bars (10 ft each), 5 uprights (20 ft each), and 5 bases (as every upright needs a base). For a 20′ x 10′ backdrop, it’s necessary to have 2 cross bars, 3 uprights, and 3 bases to make sure the backdrop is well supported.

Pipe & Base

For backdrops exceeding 10’ high, we recommend to hire an installation company.  If the backdrop is 10′ high, it is easier to manage and can easily be hung using the ties we provide together with the grommets on the backdrop, rubber tipped clamps, or zip ties. A 20′ x 10′ backdrop is an easy task for 1-2 people and takes around 20-30 minutes to assemble the hardware and hang the backdrop.

We provide the hardware and local installation in San Diego and Orange County, so if you live in the area this is definitely recommended! If you live elsewhere, we have a recommended list of companies in select states. If your city or state is not on the list, feel free to call us at 858-300-2100 & we’ll be able to recommend a company that can fit your needs!

New Hand Painted Backdrops – June 2015

June 8th, 2015

We love having the opportunity to create, design, and paint new backdrops on an ongoing basis – it’s what keeps our creative vibes flowin’ and inspires our team to continue to develop backdrops that push the limits of design. We are often inspired by requests from our clients that are looking to see their ideal vision that will perfectly complement and enhance their event. By working with our clients, our team creates picturesque backdrops that are unique and have the capability to completely transform an event.

Weather1 - 40x20

Our Weather 1 backdrop is one of my personal favorites. A reason I moved to the East Coast from California (where every season is summer) was to truly experience all four seasons. This portrays each season cohesively within one backdrop, highlighting the stark contrast of the seasons while seamlessly transitioning from one season to the next. This backdrop really highlights how beautiful nature is and how transformative it can be!

Bubbles5 Aqua - 20x10

Our Bubbles 5 Aqua backdrop is the ideal backdrop for a corporate event, birthday party, theatrical production, or special event. Our artists have used the ombré technique, using the aqua blue paint to transition to the green hue at the bottom of the backdrop. This backdrop will add a unique, subtle background to any event.

Coral Kingdom4 - 40x20

Looking for an under the sea experience without getting in the ocean? Our Coral Kingdom 4 backdrop brings the sea life to you! The intricate design of the coral kingdom takes you to a fantasy down under, full of a sea of purples, pinks, and blues.

Mansion View15 - 50x30

Our Mansion View 15 backdrop features an inside look at the interior of a stunning mansion, complete with a fireplace and two drape adorned windows. The detailed design of the mansion interior combined with the warmth of the fireplace makes our imagination wander into this beautiful living room.

We are so excited to see how these backdrops will look at your upcoming events! After all the work that our team puts in to creating each backdrop from inception to painting, the process is only complete with your vision on how the backdrop is incorporated into your event/recital.

Backdrops at Canadian Special Events!

May 7th, 2015

Last month, we travelled to Toronto, Canada to showcase our backdrops at The Canadian Special Events Show with over 400 other vendors in the event industry. We were overjoyed to collaborate with other vendors, see new and familiar faces, share best practices, and learn from our valued partners and customers.

While Canada is thrilled that the winter weather has finally come to an end, we highlighted our gorgeous Ice Castle Interior 10 backdrop to serve as a reminder that our backdrops can transform your event (and even change your mind about long-lasting winters).

Ice Castle

Our Ice Castle backdrops, available in many sizes, add the fantasy element to an event while accentuating the intricate hand-painted detail by our talented artists. These backdrops can enhance your event, whether your occasion is for a special event, theatrical production, dance recital, or ice king or queen birthday party! Check out our Ice Castle Interior 10 backdrop in action, which is a 10′ by 10′ backdrop ready to be a show stopper!

Whatever theme you choose, the options are endless and we would love to discuss the ways we can make your event a night to remember! There is nothing we love more than to see our customer’s vision come to life through the use of our hand-painted backdrops. As always, shipping to your door (of course, including Canada!) is made easy by Backdrops Beautiful. Give us a call at 858-300-2100 or send us an email!

Disney Cars Birthday Party

April 29th, 2014

CDR Collage

It’s true what all my friends that are parents say, kids definitely grow up lightning fast! My son recently turned one and I have no clue how this happened!  My friends and family gathered to celebrate my son Christian’s birthday in a small hall in Southern California earlier in the month.  We decided on Disney Cars for his birthday theme because of his liking for Lightning McQueen.  And yes, just like his daddy he’s already a Disney fan!

I am a proud new dad and I decided to share my sons event.  I made sure there was no detail left out; from the personalized water bottles, hand made goody bags, custom cake to all the labels for the food and beverages.  Aside from all the little details I also incorporated 2 backdrops to make everything cohesive, but also fun and exciting for all the kids.




IMG_9079I learned that it’s a lot of hard work and time consuming putting a themed party together.  And I now understand why some parents rather take their children on a vacation or have it at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  Regardless of all the stress, I personally would do it all over again next year!  My son is worth it!

Give the Gift of Backdrops

September 30th, 2013

So… you are not sure what gift to get for someone special? Don’t know if they already have the gift you want to give them? Don’t know if they will enjoy the gift you give them? Don’t have time to decide? Give the perfect gift -our gift certificate!

  • Makes a great last-minute gift
  • Great stocking stuffer
  • Convenient gift amounts

Call us today for more details: 1-858-300-2100

Win A Flip Camera – Backdrop Your Event Sweepstakes

April 22nd, 2011

For those that visited our booth while attending a trade show or conference, a big THANK YOU!

We are now offering everyone a chance to win a Slide HD Flip Camera. You can enter here.  Good luck!

Please remember to submit your event or recital photos as your company may be featured in our next blog or eNewsletter!

Win a flip camera

Brand Loyalty or Value?

March 22nd, 2011

When did we decide we needed our own shampoo brand? I remember growing up and only having one brand, Suave!  And for the most part it was the shampoo & conditioner in one to save space and money.  Growing up, my parents didn’t give us a choice.  It was one less thing for us to be concerned with.  Nowadays, thanks to my hair loss, I don’t need my own shampoo which makes life that much easier. Despite not having the need to use any hair product myself, I’m aware of the many options out there and wonder on how people decide on what to purchase.

Being that there are so many brands now that offer many different options for all types of hair, are customers loyal? Or are they making their choices on what’s on sale or on impulse buying? I know that in my own household there are always different factors that come into play when choosing a brand, such as, the specialty of the brand and price point.  As consumers in this struggling economy, I believe we want the most for our money and are willing to sacrifice brand name for value, especially when we do our research and learn that the store brand is being manufactured by a key player.  However, I do believe there are a handful of us who continue to buy on impulse because of the beautiful packaging and not necessarily if it’s right for us.

Companies are continuing to shelf new and improved products and more eco-friendly options, but do they really achieve what they promise?  I’m curious to know how many people really stick to one shampoo/conditioner brand and why they continue to do so. Is it because they continue to find value or is it because they’ve become conformed to an idealistic way of buying and are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and try something new?

I will say though, that if I ever decide to do something different, I would definitely check out Samson Hair Restoration.  They are doing some great things and I wouldn’t mind using some shampoo again.  And I know that if I were to buy a product, my buying decision would probably be based on packaging.  I can’t help it; I’m a sucker for great packaging!

7 Characters Or Less

February 15th, 2011

Backdrops Beautiful Personalized Plates

We all love to personalize our bodies and material things whether we do it with tattoos, piercings, clothing, vehicles, etc.  In most cases, we have a large canvas to work with such as our bodies and cars which make it really easy to express ourselves as individuals.  With most people, we tend to learn a lot about them by these branding messages or artwork displays.  But what happens when we personalize our vehicle plates?  If Twitter users think they have it tough with 140 characters try 7!

This morning on my drive to work I realized how many people personalize their vehicle plates.  As I came to the freeway entrance, I came across a white BMW with plates that read, “HRMNGR.”  The driver was a middle aged woman wearing what appeared to be a gray suit, a white collared shirt, and some trendy glasses.  Without me knowing anything about this woman, her message sort of fits who she is at first glance.  Her personalized plate message was clear and I was able to read it effortlessly which is why it got my attention.  I can almost assume this person has her ideal job and is happy to express who she is in the world.

On the contrary, I also came across a handful of vehicles that at times, was almost impossible for me to guess their message.  Isn’t the point to share something with everyone that is about you or something that has meaning to you? I understand that it is difficult and it can become a challenge to try to personalize your plates because by now most common phrases have been taken, but when I have to struggle to read and make it out it’s not worth the effort. In most states, no special punctuation symbols are permitted, i.e. comma, period, hyphen, exclamation point, question mark, etc.  Trying to express yourself in 7 characters or less is no joke!  I’ve see some interesting personalized plates on the road and you can definitely see that some people spend quite some time in working out the layout.  Sometimes the message is very clear and others you need to work to decipher the message.

Whether you are going to personalize your vehicle plates for personal or corporate, in doing so make sure that your message is clear and it is not lost in translation.  Do you think this is strategy or has the individual failed by making it too personal for their own audience?

Maximize Your Business Exposure On Facebook

December 15th, 2010

Claim Your Business on Facebook and Offer a Deal

If you own a local business with a physical location that your clients can shop and haven’t claimed your place on Facebook, you are missing out on a great opportunity to promote your business.  In addition to Places, Facebook has now launched a new service called Deals and it is currently available for free.  Similar to Groupon, you can create special offers for your customers.  Having recently learned about Deals myself, I was inspired to show everyone just how to do it.

To do so, you first have to check in via your mobile device through Facebook app.  (If your smart phone is not equipped with the Facebook App you can download it from your smart phone app store or simply use  Similar to Foursquare, you need to check in via your mobile device.

  1. Open your Facebook App
  2. Choose Places
  3. Choose Check-In
  4. Do a search for your business to see if it’s been added. If your business is present move on to step 6.  If not, you will need to “Add” it.
  5. Add Your Full Business Name and include a business description and press the add button.  Your business will now be visible to anyone that visits your business.
  6. Your business will now be in Places and is ready for you to check in.  You may check in alone, or check in with your friends by tagging them.
  7. You must now login your Facebook account via the web.  Click on your profile tab and locate your business check in.
  8. Once your business has a Facebook Place, you will see the following screen.  There is a link at the bottom left side that states “Is this your business?” Click on the link to begin the verification process.
  9. You will now get the following pop up:
  10. Upon certifying that you are an official rep of your business you will need to complete the next step/form.  Please note that claiming your Place on Facebook does require some supporting evidence including document verification to prevent from strangers trying to claim your business. (Unfortunately, there will be a waiting period of about a week before you receive an approval email from Facebook.)
  11. Once your claim has been reviewed and approved your page will look like this and you will be able to add a photo, edit your details and create deals for your customers.  Click on “Create a Deal”
  12. You will get the following box:

You are now ready to create you Deal on Facebook Places.

Click on “Create a Deal for this Page”

You have 4 different types of deals you can offer: (deal descriptions via Facebook Help Center)

  • Individual Deal: Reward individual customers when they check in at your business. Best for simple discounts or gifts with purchase.
  • Friend Deal: Reward individual customers when they check in at your business. Best for simple discounts or gifts with purchase.
  • Loyalty Deal: Reward customers for visiting your business a certain number of times, similar to a traditional punch card.
  • Charity Deal: Pledge to donate to a charity of your choice when customers check in at your business. A win-win for everyone!
  • For demonstration purposes I will walk you through the steps in creating an individual deal.

For an individual deal you will need to define your offer, explain how to redeem, enter the dates you plan on running your promo, maximum number of redemptions if applicable and the number of times it can be claimed by the customer.  Proceed to clicking on Save.

You will then be prompted with the following screen.  You have now successfully submitted your deal to Facebook and it will take an approximate 48 hours for them to review and approve.  Please note that your page may have only 1 active deal at a time.

When your customers now check-in via Places on Facebook your deal will display in the following manner:

I hope this “How To” post helps you on improving your business presence on Facebook.   Even if you decide not to participate on Facebook Deals, it is imperative to at least clean up your listing on Facebook Places with a proper description and photo so that it is branded properly.

Check out Facebook Deals Video:

Is Stealth Marketing Unethical?

October 22nd, 2010

I’ve been a fan of Demi Moore and David Duchovny for many years now; Demi as early as Indecent Proposal and David from early childhood watching the X-Files.  Upon receiving “The Joneses” via Netflix (my promotion of Netflix) I was excited to learn they were in it.  To be honest, I had no idea what the movie was about until reading the movie description on the sleeve.  However, I was quickly enthralled by the concept and kept me interested.  The movie’s main storyline focused on the extremities of stealth marketing.  The notion of marketing being subliminal is spot on for our generation as we live in a material world.

Stealth marketing is deceptive when personal interest is not being disclosed.  In this movie, Demi and David are part of a massive scheme to push out various products to their community while staying under radar that they are being paid commission to do so by their employer.  This movie portrays the well known phrase “Keeping up with the Joneses” as it drives a neighbor into bankruptcy and eventually suicide.  We encounter this type of marketing in our own lives, at the stores we shop in, even though we might not realize it. For example, many nutritional products that are sold at our local vitamin stores have a kick back incentive for their sales reps that have been set up by the vendors.  In addition, electronic stores have similar programs to push out certain brands or extra warranties.

Perhaps most importantly, this movie was just plain interesting to watch because it exaggerated what seems to be the obvious.  Maybe it wasn’t an exaggeration at all. Maybe it’s reality that we don’t think about because we are consumed by our possessions.  It made me think of how we subliminally pitch the brands we utilize in the various facets of our lives to our family and friends and sometimes even strangers.  But we do this because we truly enjoy the products and are not being paid to like them or promote them.  I believe stealth marketing is only ethical when it is genuine, such as word of mouth.  Word of mouth and buzz has longevity when it is second nature and not promoted with a personal motive.  It is important to engage your brand with social media and have nature take its course with brand ambassadors and it will be rewarded with brand development.

Is stealth marketing part of your marketing arsenal?

Flickr photo courtesy madmolecule