Brand Loyalty or Value?

When did we decide we needed our own shampoo brand? I remember growing up and only having one brand, Suave!  And for the most part it was the shampoo & conditioner in one to save space and money.  Growing up, my parents didn’t give us a choice.  It was one less thing for us to be concerned with.  Nowadays, thanks to my hair loss, I don’t need my own shampoo which makes life that much easier. Despite not having the need to use any hair product myself, I’m aware of the many options out there and wonder on how people decide on what to purchase.

Being that there are so many brands now that offer many different options for all types of hair, are customers loyal? Or are they making their choices on what’s on sale or on impulse buying? I know that in my own household there are always different factors that come into play when choosing a brand, such as, the specialty of the brand and price point.  As consumers in this struggling economy, I believe we want the most for our money and are willing to sacrifice brand name for value, especially when we do our research and learn that the store brand is being manufactured by a key player.  However, I do believe there are a handful of us who continue to buy on impulse because of the beautiful packaging and not necessarily if it’s right for us.

Companies are continuing to shelf new and improved products and more eco-friendly options, but do they really achieve what they promise?  I’m curious to know how many people really stick to one shampoo/conditioner brand and why they continue to do so. Is it because they continue to find value or is it because they’ve become conformed to an idealistic way of buying and are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and try something new?

I will say though, that if I ever decide to do something different, I would definitely check out Samson Hair Restoration.  They are doing some great things and I wouldn’t mind using some shampoo again.  And I know that if I were to buy a product, my buying decision would probably be based on packaging.  I can’t help it; I’m a sucker for great packaging!

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