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Somaly Mam Foundation Hosts 2nd Annual Los Angeles Gala

September 30th, 2009

Somaly Mam Foundation’s 2nd annual Los Angeles Gala was held at a private residence on September 29, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California.

The Somaly Mam Foundation recognized both Jeff & Mei Sze Greene with the “Voices for Change Award” for their commitment to the cause of human trafficking. The first person to receive the “Voices for Change Award” was Susan Sarandon at the NYC Gala on September 17, 2009.

The Gala was attended by several celebrities such as Ron Livingston, Donald Faison, Laurie Holden, Ashley Rickards and “90210” AnnaLynne McCord!

At Backdrops Beautiful we are honored to have been able to contribute and donate the custom press wall to such a wonderful foundation!

We’d like to congratulate GBK Productions for making this event happen!

Photos by WireImage

Somaly Mam

Ron Livingston & Somaly Mam

Jeff Green & Mei Sze Green

Donald Faison

Ashley Rickards

AnneLynne McCord & Somaly Mam

Backdrops Beautiful – The benefits of Social Networking

September 24th, 2009

Social networking has allowed Backdrops Beautiful to interact at a more personal level with all of our existing customers and has given us the opportunity to meet new ones. As we continue to evolve in these fast changing times we explore new and creative ways on how to bring you our latest backdrop news. We are proud to announce the launch of our new blog. We believe this will be a great way to get different opinions and encourage conversation. We would love to see your comments and feedback.

An innovative approach in reaching people in the industry is to reach them through the social mediums they like to be part of, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, EventPeeps, LinkedIn, Blogs, etc. Social networking can open doors to new potential customers if you participate in blog discussions and forums. In doing so, we have been able to talk about what makes our backdrops unique, suggest backdrops for their events based on the theme and/or décor and answer any concerns or questions they might have. In addition, we are able to reach out to more than one individual with only one posting!

Backdrops Beautiful is now part of twibs and is now registered on wefollow directory! Twibs was created to give twitter users a place to find businesses on twitter and wefollow is a twitter user directory organized by interests.

Custom Backdrop Rentals – One of a kind service

September 18th, 2009

Price Match Guarantee

At Backdrops Beautiful we want to help you survive the recession by offering you the best prices, service, and savings we can. We price match all our competitors quotes for backdrops within a similar category. We prefer not to lose your business; so if you find a lower price quote we will do our best to match your outside quote. Our price match guarantee takes the worry out of booking a backdrop that you didn’t want in the first place! So stop stressing and book the backdrop that you really want!

Personal Touch

Do you have a concept in mind for a backdrop? At Backdrops Beautiful we do custom backdrop rentals and sales. Everyone in the industry, including us, can provide you with a custom backdrop for purchase. But there are many times when you don’t need to purchase a custom backdrop that you only plan on using once or twice; or perhaps it is just not in your budget to purchase a backdrop. With our one of a kind service in the industry of custom backdrop rentals, we will save you both money and space! The customer always comes first and it is why we are the only ones in the backdrop industry to offer this unique service of custom backdrop rentals! As long the image is not copyright and does not include a logo or personal photo, our in-house talented graphic designers will create an image for you to approve and we will add it to our inventory and take the risk of renting it again after your event! Just another way to show you how we go the extra mile for our customers!

Backdrop Your Event

Do not let today’s economy crisis take away your dream production! As décor budgets keep getting cut, our backdrops (with their vibrant colors, realistic designs and excellent condition) have become ever so popular in the event industry . This is why many of our designs are 3 dimensional, you can accomplish any ambience with our backdrops and still give your client what they want within their budget. Some of our competitors find it necessary to grade their backdrops – we don’t want you to wonder about the quality, it is either rentable or NOT! So if a backdrop is returned damaged or if it has been treated with negligence by another customer, we will simply paint another to replace it.

Backdrops – Creative Decorations for Special Occasions

September 9th, 2009

Backdrops are used in theaters to set up the atmosphere or scenery in a particular play or act. This painted curtain placed at the back of the stage is really effective in transporting the audience, even if only mentally, from the theater or auditorium to the setting of the show. However, a backdrop should not only be used in theater plays, stage performances or concerts. You can also use them as decorations for special occasions, such as birthdays, Quinceañeras, debuts, baptism, and even graduation parties. There are different types of colorfully painted curtains that you can buy online that will be perfect for that special day in your life. To know how you can effectively use backdrops for any occasion, just read on.

Break the Monotony

Backdrops are an effective way of breaking the monotony of your simple celebration. You really do not have to spend a lot in making your party memorable and unforgettable. Since a backdrop is usually the focal point of a celebration, it can also be a topic of conversation for your guests. If you use a backdrop for your party, you need to make sure that you buy one that is made of high quality material and with beautiful colors and drawings that match the occasion. You do not want guests to talk about how ugly and poorly-made your backdrop is.

Enhance the Theme

Many people are now interested in celebrating special occasions with fun themes. One way of enhancing the theme of your party without hurting your pocket is by using backdrops. For example, if you plan to hold an outer space party theme, you need to use a backdrop that shows plenty of stars, several planets, asteroids and satellites. If you can find glow in the dark stars, you can paste some of them in the backdrop for maximum effect. Aside from birthdays, you can also use decorative backdrops in weddings. In fact, there are many wedding backdrops that you can find on the Internet. Again, just make sure that you buy stage backdrops only from reputable companies.

Reusable Decoration

The good thing about backdrops is that they can be reused. You can lend yours to your friends and family members. Moreover, you can also buy backdrops for special occasions such as New Year, Christmas and Halloween and reuse them each year. Indeed, this creative decoration idea is really inexpensive yet effective in making any occasion truly spectacular. For great decoration ideas please checkout our huge selection of backdrops.

How to Make an Autumn Event Come to Life

September 9th, 2009

Most of us can’t think of autumn without thinking of the rich vibrant hues of red, orange, yellow, and brown, presented by Mother Nature. There just isn’t anything that can invoke images of autumn in one’s mind of these lush fall colors.

We are looking forward to sponsoring the 9th Annual Harvest Festival at The Prado in San Diego, CA. Our client will be using the Tuscany 3 Backdrop for their event. The Tuscany Italy landscape embodies the peaceful scenery of Tuscan life with rolling hills covered with a vineyard field and the warm colors of an evening sunset; a perfect complement to the bounty of food and wine that will be showcased at this event. The rich tones of this backdrop transform a normal event to an autumn themed event utilizing few props.

If you are putting together an event and need to bring in a bit of the outdoors or want a cost-effective way to set the tone, you can definitely make it happen with a backdrop from Backdrops Beautiful. We have a wide array of backdrops that no matter where your event is located; we can help convey the theme of your event and bring it to life!

Stay tuned, I will post some pictures of this event in October.