P.S. Events Are Not Only For Adults

Frozen Backdrop in BizBash NY

This week we exhibited in New York for BizBash and we decided on showcasing our Frozen backdrop.  It is evident that nowadays kids have a say in the decision making of their event just as much as adults do.  I remember growing up and having no real “say” in what I wanted for my parties.  Actually, I had no say – Period!.  My parents would take care of pretty much everything themselves.  They would handle everything from the décor to the invitation list.  I would be lucky if I ever saw any of my school friends there.  In reality, I saw none. It was always family and family friends.  Well, my parents friends and their children whom instantly would become my friends.  Thinking of it now makes me realize how things have changed and quiet honestly I’m okay that I didn’t have to stress over that in my childhood.

I now see my sister on how she goes on about planning her two girl’s events.  Specifically my god-daughter’s birthday parties and how involved she is with everything.  She is given the option of choosing her own theme all the way to what she wants to eat.  Let’s face it; kids are now playing the role of event planners regardless if parents want to admit it.  They control us- the end!

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