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Wendy’s “You Know When It’s Real”

November 9th, 2009

Wendy’s goes back to basic with its new ad campaign. It has removed its focus off the iconic red wig and back on the product itself; the juicy, sizzling, and unfrozen square patty. And all because “it’s real!” versus some of its competitors frozen patties. The chain ad campaign also included a “30 seconds of Wendy’s” video contest on YouTube. They had a total of 21 winners. Check out the results here.

Our highway backdrop is showcased at the end of the video as it appears a young guy is riding a bike down Route 66. The camera then pulls back to reveal that our backdrop is a stage flat being towed by production staff. As it passes, it reveals the bicyclist riding through a production lot, and showing the Wendy’s logo sign on a building to the right.

Highway Backdrop