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How to Make an Autumn Event Come to Life

September 9th, 2009

Most of us can’t think of autumn without thinking of the rich vibrant hues of red, orange, yellow, and brown, presented by Mother Nature. There just isn’t anything that can invoke images of autumn in one’s mind of these lush fall colors.

We are looking forward to sponsoring the 9th Annual Harvest Festival at The Prado in San Diego, CA. Our client will be using the Tuscany 3 Backdrop for their event. The Tuscany Italy landscape embodies the peaceful scenery of Tuscan life with rolling hills covered with a vineyard field and the warm colors of an evening sunset; a perfect complement to the bounty of food and wine that will be showcased at this event. The rich tones of this backdrop transform a normal event to an autumn themed event utilizing few props.

If you are putting together an event and need to bring in a bit of the outdoors or want a cost-effective way to set the tone, you can definitely make it happen with a backdrop from Backdrops Beautiful. We have a wide array of backdrops that no matter where your event is located; we can help convey the theme of your event and bring it to life!

Stay tuned, I will post some pictures of this event in October.