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Is iPad a niche product?

June 15th, 2010

Over 2 millions iPad’s have been sold already. No contract is needed with AT&T and the user experience this time will be consistent worldwide with much reduced dependency on a mobile provider such as AT&T or some other international wireless provider.  So think of the global potential of the iPad.  THINK GLOBAL.

People tell me that the iPad is stupid because it’s just a bigger iPhone.  And I agree!  It’s a bigger iPhone; which means more screen space and a faster processor. That means more potential for apps to do a lot more.  Don’t think of the iPad in terms of technology. Think of it in terms of a platform, think of it in terms of potential market penetration and think of it in terms of an apple product. It is going to sell a lot, it is going to have a ton of apps which are only going to get better with time and it is going to create its own consumer market, people that will train themselves to use it just like they did with the iPhone.

I’ve been using my iPad as my primary computer at home. In fact, I have not even gotten on my laptop in over a week now. I can browse (even though I do prefer apps rather than the browser), read my books, watch movies, create presentations and I can reply to all my emails. I am super excited to see all the apps that are coming down the pipeline.  They are only going to get better. So whether you are an early adopter or a late one, I assure that most of you at some point will get one, because the apps are only going to get better and are going to give you a more customized experience, one that is rarely provided through the browser. The iPad has a lot of potential and it will be up to the consumer and app developers to continue to explore the capabilities of this new platform.

Some of my current favorite apps are:  Evernote, Dragon, iWorks, Tweetings, Barnes & Noble eReader, Analytics HD, Netflix, Scrabble and Wired Magazine.

How are you using your iPad? Do you see iPad as a niche product?