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Backdrop your event and drop the rest!

October 23rd, 2009

We deliver on our promise that our backdrops will transform any given venue! We are in an era where event planners need to think strategically about their events and introduce new ideas to their clients when it comes to décor. With today’s economical climate, every dollar counts. With the proper lighting and a handful of props to highlight your backdrop, you can achieve a first class event on a dime!

Our grading system is straightforward. We ask ourselves if we would use it for our own event. We either feel you can rent the backdrop or you can’t. Instead of grading our backdrops by assigning them a number or a letter and discounting them heavily based on their condition we would rather paint a new backdrop! Our brand is very important to us and we refuse to rent a backdrop that has been damaged. When you rent from us, you will be certain our backdrops are in the best of condition if not new. Why rent old and heavy backdrops? Or why have to pick up your backdrop at another destination when you can have it delivered to your doorstep? Drop the rest and rent from the best, most innovative and creative backdrop company in the industry.

Why do we have digital images of our backdrops online? It’s simple; we offer both digital and hand painted backdrops. We will provide you with pictures of our hand painted backdrops upon request. Needless to say, our backdrops are picture perfect and what you see is what you get. Currently, we are working on having both sets of images on our website to improve your rental experience with us.

Backdrops Beautiful is distinguished from its competition by our commitment to provide high-quality innovative designed backdrops in a variety of categories and offering them at low-cost. We pride ourselves in producing vibrant backdrops and are constantly seeking the latest trends and styles.

Our goal at Backdrops Beautiful is to exceed our customer’s expectation at every point of contact. To meet this goal we must provide high quality backdrops and outstanding customer service. Total customer satisfaction will always be our bottom line!