3 Ways to Stay Connected During COVID-19

This is an unprecedented time for us all. Our hearts are aching as we collectively experience this situation due to COVID-19. It is truly surreal. There is so much uncertainty regarding events, theatre productions, and dance recitals. Many have already been postponed as we understand the importance of foregoing group activities. As we embrace social distancing, it’s important to stay connected more than ever.

Human connection is the foundation of what we do. Supporting each other is more vital than ever. We’re finding ways to connect through online mediums, support groups, and virtual events. Maintaining this link is essential to get through this together.

Virtual happy hour / coffee dates

Life is better shared over a beverage – no matter what kind. Hop on Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangout, or HouseParty and connect with your friends, family, or coworkers. While we need to maintain social distance, this doesn’t mean that we can’t be social! Embrace video conferencing with your network – even if it’s from your bed in your pajamas.

Join shared interest groups

There’s no better time than now to connect with something you’re passionate about. Whether it be learning a new language, how to knit, or how to become the next top chef. The world is your oyster & there’s so many others that you can virtually connect to and learn from.

Share inspiration for future events

Connect and share inspiration for future events, productions, and recitals. We understand during this uncertain time, those events you’ve been looking forward to may need to be postponed to a future date. That doesn’t mean you have to hold off on gathering inspiration for these meaningful moments. This will help your creative juices flow and help you be more prepared once life gets back to normal. Become inspired by delving through our inventory of hand-painted backdrops and digital projections.

This too shall pass. We are sending you wishes to stay healthy and safe. We’re all in this together.

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