Terms and Conditions of Rental

You are responsible for the backdrops you rent from the time you receive them up until you return them to the shipping carrier of our choice, whereby you will need signed proof that the carrier received the backdrops (referred to as POSSESSION). In the event that you use your own carrier, the responsibility will remain yours until we receive the backdrops in our warehouse. All backdrops rented must be used for the sole purpose of an event (ceremony, party, dance recital, competition, photo shoot, commercials, theatre/tv productions). Our total liability cannot exceed the value of the rental cost of a backdrop.

Courtesy Hold

As a courtesy service, we offer to hold a selection of backdrops while you’re proposing or deciding on your backdrop choice. Should another client request the same backdrop/s, you will have first right of refusal, just as long as we are able to contact you within 24 hours via email or telephone. This is a courtesy service and no fee will be incurred.

Backdrop Rental Payment Terms

Upon confirming your booking, we require a 50% deposit. All backdrops must be paid in full 30 days prior to shipping the backdrops. We accept checks and all major credit cards. For orders placed less than 30 days prior to shipping, only Credit Card Payments will be accepted - special requests will be considered. When paying by check, a credit card is required for guarantee purposes.

Backdrop Purchase Payment Terms

When purchasing backdrops, we require a deposit to commence the work. Final payment will be arranged as per the urgency of the deadline. We accept checks and all major credit cards. Orders cancelled at anytime are subject to the full purchase price..

Shipping Terms

We reserve the right to choose the shipping company best suited to deliver the backdrops in a timely manner, directly to your door. Shipping costs are based on the size and the weight of the backdrops. We make every attempt to deliver your order to you early. Inaccurate addresses may delay the timely delivery and we will not be held responsible if your backdrop is not received on time – and no refunds will be issued. Verify the shipping address on your invoice. Residential addresses may require a signature for the delivery of the backdrop.

Handling Instructions / Damages

A clean, smooth and dry surface is required for handling, whether receiving or returning our backdrops. Please ensure that there are no sharp objects that could rip or tear the backdrops. Damages and alterations can be costly and will be the responsibility of the client. Do not use sharp blades when opening the box - this is known to be the most common cause of damage, even though the backdrops are packed well, with extra board to protect the backdrop. Due to the flame resistant treatment, you may encounter a scent or odor when opening the bag.

If you receive a damaged backdrop you must inform us immediately prior to your event, otherwise we will either assume that the damage was caused by your misuse, and an invoice will be issued OR we will assume that you used the backdrop and no refund will be due. Our backdrops may not be hung outdoors or exposed to the elements. For detailed care and handling of our backdrops click here.

Returning Backdrops

Save all shipping materials. Remove old shipping labels from the box. The backdrop must be returned on the date as per the Confirmation Invoice. It is your responsibility to call the shipping courier the day before to schedule the pickup. Keep the pickup number they give you! Use the return shipping label that can be found on the box in a yellow pouch; alternatively it may have been emailed to you. If you do not have the return label, it is your responsibility to alert us immediately!

Late Fees

For late returns or if unable to track the return of our backdrops, expect late fees to be charged at a rate of $100 per day per backdrop. Furthermore, if a backdrop is not received on time and causes loss of business $750 (in addition to the late fee) will be charged for each occurrence.

Lost or Stolen

If a backdrop is lost or stolen while in your POSSESSION*, in addition to the rental fee, you will be charged the purchase fee ranging between $960 - $5,260 based on the detail and size, as we will have to paint another backdrop urgently for our rental inventory. (*As long as we are unable to track the package it is considered in your possession).

Refunds or Cancellations

As circumstances present, the need to cancel an order may arise. We are a reasonable company and will always attempt to accommodate our clients’ needs. Canceling or deferring an order for another later date will be accommodated according to availability, so no refund will be necessary. For natural disasters, a credit will be issued for a future rental (excluding shipping).


Orders cancelled 30 days or more prior to the scheduled shipment date will forfeit their deposit.

Orders cancelled 30 days or less prior to the scheduled shipment date are subject to the full rental rate.


Orders cancelled at anytime are subject to the full purchase price.


No credits or refunds will be issued on custom designs for rental and purchase. Cancellations at any time will forfeit the full rental cost. Design work will not commence without the required deposit and the signed contract. Any balance due must be paid upon image completion.


  1. Our backdrops have either grommets (metal eyelets), ties, or a combination of both. Most backdrops also have grommets along the sides for your convenience. Please be advised that while we provide ties for grommets, they may not be suitable for your hardware. Ties are not provided for the sides, so please be sure to have extra ties on hand (we recommend plastic ZIP ties, string or rope).
  2. Colors vary from screen to screen, and may NOT appear the same.
  3. All backdrops are seamless up to 10’ high.
  4. It is your responsibility to review our Terms and Conditions from time to time for any changes as it creates a binding legal agreement between you and us: click here to view our contract


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