Chandeliers 1 Digital

Backdrops: Chandeliers 1 Digital

This image reflects the digitally printed backdrop.

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Backdrop Specifications:

Backdrop Name: Chandeliers 1 Digital

Backdrop SKU: MS-2415-0730

Backdrop Size: W24ft X H15ft

Backdrop Weight: Approx. 15 lbs

in action

This backdrop has been digitally printed on cloth (IFR: Inherently Fire Retardant).

There is a story behind every backdrop, and the creativity of this particular one stands out as elegant and imaginative. The style is different and unique from most paintings we see. Ornate white chandeliers dangle from thin white wires at different heights from a ceiling we can�t see. The structure of the chandeliers is beautiful. It appears that lights and jewels circle the center and fall from the middle, with even more jewels strung from the ones above. Based on the fanciness of this setting , we can imagine that the ceiling as well as the rest of the room would be quite nice as well. It looks as though we have entered the room where a ball will be held or maybe just another regular room in a mansion or the home of someone very rich and important. A beautiful floral pattern is painted on the wall behind the chandeliers, on this backdrop. The color scheme of the wall painting is bright red with darker hues of red twisting around, creating an image of vines and flowers. Some of the flowers are small and quaint, delicate and pretty. These smaller ones look like roses and are darker than the large, light, flower that is placed in the center of the wall. The large flower hangs down from above, its large petals spread open. We don�t� know what kind of flower it is, but its beauty is breathtaking and compliments the rest of the room. With the intricate chandeliers and whirl of flowers, the room that is home to this backdrop will certainly feel enchanted.