Alice in Wonderland 2

Backdrops: Alice in Wonderland 2

This image is a representation of our painted backdrop. Actual photo available upon request.

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Backdrop Specifications:

Backdrop Name: Alice in Wonderland 2

Backdrop SKU: FT-2010-2129

Backdrop Size: W20ft X H10ft

Backdrop Weight: Approx. 8 lbs

in action

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Wonderland is a place we’ve all visited at some time or other in our lives! Small beings amongst larger than life nature, places Alice in a bewitched world of enormous and unrealistic plants. Our Alice in Wonderland 2 backdrop is one of a series of colorful, vivid backdrops depicting a lush, woodsy, fairytale like scene. Through the intricate rusty iron gate you arrive in a new and magical land called Wonderland. With its landscape of colorful mushrooms and grassy, woodsy hills, this most beautiful whimsical garden looks like it could provide a residence for gnomes or fairies. This Alice in Wonderland backdrop series bestows rich fantasy and is great for stories or events filled with magic, myth and legend. Allow this magical backdrop help you to narrate your own mushroom tale. The size of this backdrop is shown as 20ft wide by 10ft wide, but we can custom design this backdrop to any size that is requested. Alice in Wonderland 1C Panel is comprised of 2 backdrops making up a 40ft wide and 20ft high backdrop when hung together, namely: Alice in Wonderland 1A and Alice in Wonderland 1B that have been specially painted so that they can be hung sided by side, hence creating an opening through which you may walk or enter the stage. Since we are showing a digital image of our backdrop, we can provide photos of our painted backdrop at your request. Our backdrops feature an airbrush technique that produces only the highest quality of painted backdrops that provide the atmosphere that you are looking for. The Alice in Wonderland2 backdrop can be purchased or rented for any length of time. Pricing is available upon request. For any questions that you have regarding our backdrops, please feel free to contact our sales team!