Wizard of Oz 2A

Backdrops: Wizard of Oz 2A

This image is an actual photograph of the hand-painted backdrop.

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Backdrop Specifications:

Backdrop Name: Wizard of Oz 2A

Backdrop SKU: FT-1010-2118

Backdrop Size: W10ft X H10ft

Backdrop Weight: Approx. 5 lbs

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Find Your Yellow Brick Road With A Wizard of Oz Backdrop

The Wizard of Oz is a classic book that has established itself as a must own in almost every household worldwide. The book has inspired a successful movie, t-shirts, Christmas ornaments, and countless other memorabilia. The story has also spawned birthday party theme sets as well as countless plays performed in different schools worldwide. If you are considering putting together a party or a dance recital, you might want to think about including hand-painted Wizard of Oz backdrops to set proper atmosphere.

There are a lot of details to coordinate when putting on a big production such as the Wizard of Oz. First you have to conduct auditions to find the right actors. Next, after you have chosen your actors, you must begin the rehearsal. Meanwhile, almost in the background, people are hard at work trying to get the stage and props ready for opening night. Trying to display the vision of the famous yellow brick road as it directs the travelers to Emerald City could turn into a full time job. The yellow bricks, the rolling countryside around the road, and the towering structures of Emerald City in the distance could present a real problem for anyone trying to put such scenery together.

Rather than hiring a full crew to manage your stage and props you can rent or buy backdrops for all your scenes. There are many Wizard of Oz backdrops to chose from that can provide you with the perfect visual. Backdrops are simple to hang and look great with the proper lighting. You can position the backdrops at the back of the stage to make it appear that the cast could literally walk right onto the golden road and begin their journey. Or you could put the backdrop at an angle, closer to the front, to allow the cast to walk from one side of the stage towards the road. This could provide a better visual reference for the audience as they can see the cast moving forward in their journey from one side of the stage to the other.

Wizard of Oz backdrops can create a magical ambiance at a birthday party. What child doesn't adore the story of Dorothy and her friends moving along the yellow brick on their adventure to meet the Wizard? Imagine the smiles on their faces as they strike a pose to blow out the birthday candles with the Emerald City hovering high behind them.

Putting together a memorable play or party should not be so stressful that you end up repeating after the Scarecrow �If I only had a brain.� Of course there will be some pressure because you want everything to turn out great. But do yourself a favor and consider using some Wizard of Oz backdrops and spend those last minute worrying about your cast rather than the decorations and props.