Neverland 1

Backdrops: Neverland 1

This image is an actual photograph of the hand-painted backdrop.

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Backdrop Specifications:

Backdrop Name: Neverland 1

Backdrop SKU: FT-4020-2227

Backdrop Size: W40ft X H20ft

Backdrop Weight: Approx. 32 lbs

A mystical and lush island, teeming with mountains and the clearest blue water is portrayed in this backdrop. White rapids cascade in waterfalls down sides of cliffs, spraying mist and roaring with speed. A magnificent rainbow stretches from the peak of the tallest mountain, across the water, and disappears behind an eerie rock formation. The dark stones resting on the water have been carved and arranged to resemble an utmost foreboding skull. Surrounded by the soothing deep blue hues of the ocean, the island is striking and magical. At a distance we see land formations covered in forest green, and if one were to take a closer look they would be in awe of the magnificent flora and fauna that dominates life on the island. Trees sprout around every corner, moss clings to old stone, and plants of all shapes and sizes create a forest floor for this beautiful outdoor setting. The water surrounding the island reflects the clear azure skies, giving it a feel of being both peaceful and open. A small amount of fog rises from between the cliffs, mystifying the image even further. Fluffy, billowing clouds float carelessly over mountain tops and tree tops, fading in and out of the horizon. The rainbow shines light and bright, a mixture of soft pastels stretching across the sky and illuminating the background of the backdrop impressively. This is a place of adventure and discovery, a beautiful space where a creative landscape was born. There is no known end or beginning to this mystery island, only a vast expanse to be covered by the next traveler who comes across it.