Mug Shot 1 Digital

Backdrops: Mug Shot 1 Digital

This image reflects the digitally printed backdrop.

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Backdrop Specifications:

Backdrop Name: Mug Shot 1 Digital

Backdrop SKU: MS-0707-0785

Backdrop Size: W7ft X H7ft

Backdrop Weight: Approx. 2 lbs

This backdrop has been digitally printed on cloth (IFR: Inherently Fire Retardant).

Most of us want to avoid seeing this image in real life, but as a backdrop the mug shot looks just fine. In the adventures of hardened criminals, a mug shot may be something seen on a regular basis and wouldn't be as daunting as it would be to the rest of us. Then again, to someone knowingly breaking the law, this could image could also represent their worst fear: getting caught. It's funny, because really this is just a height chart with black lines and numbers. However, by association we know that the sight of this should invoke anxiety or possibly fear in anyone who has to stand in front of one. Whether you reach the top of the mug shot, hitting a freakishly tall height of 6'6" or barely make it onto the chart at an alarmingly short at a height of 0/6', the mug-shot-taking procedure is always the same. The outcome of the situation that got you to the station in the first place is generally unfavorable, and hopefully a real mug shot does not lie in your future. The idea of taking a mug shot is sometimes comical to those of us who can't really imagine an arrest in our future. Fake mug shots are taken at parties for keepsakes and today there are photo shop applications that create a fake mug shot for personal entertainment purposes. Here is a carefully measured and neatly presented backdrop, for any use you desire.